Article 7:

Member qualification:

1. Any vendor that is legally set up in this shopping zone who agrees

  with our objective is eligible to apply for membership since the

  basic member of the association is "Group member". The applicant

  shall fill-in the application form to be approved by the board of

  directors then submit entrance fee and membership fee to become a

  member of the association.

2. Each member company shall assign one person to be the

  representative to exercise their rights. The member company shall

  notify the association and assign another person to be the

  representative if the original representative resigns.

3.The member can remain their shop name and apply to rejoin the

  association without paying the entrance fee. 

Article 8:

 Members (representative members) breaking the law, regulations, or went

  against the resolutions made by the member assemblies will be

  given warnings or suspensions according to the board of directors.

  In case of serious jeopardize to the whole association, said member

  may be removed from the association with the resolution of a

  member's assembly.

Article 9:

 In the event of any of the following situations, the member must leave the association:

 1. Membership (member representative) disqualification.

 2. Members (member representative) that have been removed by the

   member's assembly.

 3. Members who move out from the region (shopping zone).

Article 10:

Members may present a written report to apply for withdrawal from the association.

Article 11:

Submitted fees will not be returned to withdrawn members.

Article 12:

Members have the right to propose, to stand for election, to be selected, to vote and for recall.

Article 13:

Members are obligated to follow the regulations of the association, to make decisions, and to pay the membership fee. Members that have not paid the fees for one year and ignored the filed request of the unpaid fees for more than three months, are devoid of membership rights to attend meetings, to participate in elections, to be elected as director or supervisor, and to enjoy all rights within the association by the solutions of the board of directors.