Article 28:

1.  The members' assembly is divided into two kinds: regular assembly and temporary assembly. The assembly's convener is the director general with written notifications to be sent out 15 days prior to the assembly. Regular assemblies are held once a year, while temporary assembly is held when deemed necessary by the board of directors, by demands from one fifth of the members (member representative), or when the board of supervisors filed an official request.

2.  Once registered as a legal corporation, the temporary assembly can be held by demands from one tenth of the members (member representative).

Article 29:

When members (member representatives) are unable to attend the members' assembly, a written commission for another member to fill up his/her position is feasible. One member (member representative) is limited to filling in one other position.

Article 30:

1.  Resolutions made at the members' assembly are decided by the higher number of votes with more than half the number of the member present. However, below matters require the consent of more than two third of the member present:

1. Formulation and change of articles

2. Withdrawal of members

3. Dismissal of directors and supervisors

4. Financial affairs

5. Disbandment of the association

6. Other major events related to members' rights and


  1. Once the association is registered as a legal corporation, any

    Changes made to the articles will require the consents of more

    than three fourth of the member present or the written

    consents from more than two third of all the members. The

    disbandment of the association will require the consents of

    more than two third of the current total number of members.

Article 31:

The board of directors and the board of supervisors are to be held once every 3 months, joint meetings or temporary meetings are to be called when necessary. The aforementioned joint meetings must send out written notifications 7 days in advance. The resolutions of the meetings will need more than half of board members and supervisors present and decided by the higher number of votes.

Article 32:

 The director should attend the meeting of the board of directors, as should the supervisor to attend the meeting of the board of supervisors. The director or supervisor may not commission someone else to attend. If the director or supervisor is absent from the meetings for 2 consecutive times, this will be deemed as the act of resignation.

Article 33:

The association shall report the category of the meeting, time and place of the meeting and agenda of the meeting to the competent authority for future reference 15 days prior to the members' (member representatives) assembly, or 7 days prior to the board of directors or the board of supervisors. The MOM of members' (member representatives) assembly should be reported to the competent authority by mail within 30 days after the assembly.