General Principles

Article 1:

 Our association is named "TAIPEI DONGMEN YONGKANG BUSINESS CIRCLE DEVELOPMENT ASSOCIATION" hereafter referred to as the association.

Article 2:

 The association is established as a non-profit organization according to the Civil Organizations Act.

Article 3:

The association is aiming to develop business opportunity, to boost the prosperity of the shopping zone, to improve the welfare of the residents, to maintain the construction safety and to enhance the unity and cooperation.

Article 4:

The area of the association covers from Xinyi Rd., Xinsheng S. Rd., Jinhua St., Jinshan S. Rd., Yongkang St. and Lishui St.

Article 5:

 The association is located in Taipei City.

Article 6:

Our mission is as follows:

1. To cooperate with the policy of Taipei City Government boosting the business of the shopping zone, gathering opinions, as well as  providing study and consultant services.

2. To be contracted by the government, enterprise or voluntary society to take part in various commercial or customer service activities.

3. To establish the database of the history, geography, environment,

  vendors and humanity of this shopping zone based on its actual

4. To keep an archive of the basic profile and dynamic state of all the

  members and their representatives.

5. To handle various commercial activities and exhibitions.

6. To cooperate with members or social benefit organizations to

  conduct related activities.

7. To publish books and periodicals related to this shopping zone.
8. To promote business of the association according to other laws or