Article 17:

The functions of the board of directors are as follows:

1. To make solutions of the matters to be discussed at the

  member's (member representative) assembly.

2. To examine members' (member representative) qualifications.

3. The election and dismissal of executive member of the council

  and director.

4. To make resolutions on the resignations of directors, executive

  member of the council and director general.

5. The employment and dismissal of staff members.

6. Draft the annual work progress plans, reports, budget and final

7. Any other designated tasks.

Article 18:

 The board of directors will include 3 executive members of the council chosen by the members. A director general will be chosen among the executive members of the council. The director general inwardly supervises the association, outwardly acts as a representative for association, and act as the chairperson members' assembly as well as the board of directors. When the director general is unable to carry out the duties, an executive member of the council must be appointed as acting director. In the case of the director general unable to appoint a substitute, the executive member of the councils must select one.

Article 19:

The functions of the board of supervisors are as follows:

1. To supervise the workings of the board of directors.

2. To examine and approve the annual final account.

3. The election and dismissal of executive supervisors.

4. To pass resolutions on the resignation of supervisors and

  executive supervisors.

5. Other designated works to supervise.

Article 20:

The board of supervisors will include 1 executive supervisor chosen by other executive members to supervise the routine work, who also acts as the chairperson for the board of supervisors.

Article 21:

The term of board directors and supervisors  is renewable. The director general is renewable 2 views. The term of three years each. The terms of office of board directors and supervisors begin on the first board member meeting of this year.

Article 22:

Board directors and supervisors are both positions without remuneration.

Article 23:

In the event of any of the following situations, the board director or supervisor must be dismissed:

1. Membership (member representative) disqualification.

2. Resigned with the approval of the board of directors or board

  of supervisors.

3. Been recalled or dismissed.

4. Been suspended for more than half of the term of office.

Article 24:

The association will include one secretary general, one accountant and a few staff members to be nominated by the director general and appointed with the approval of the board of directors, then reported to the competent authority for future reference. The same applies for dismissal.

Article 25:

The directors and supervisors shall not hold concurrent post of the public relations executive.

Article 26:

The association may establish a variety of branches. The organization regulations will be drafted by the board of directors, stating the establish basis, composition, mission, sources of funds etc..., which will then be passed by the board of directors and put into effect after reported and approved by competent authority.

Article 27:

The association will include an honorary director general, 3 honorary directors, and 3 advisors (without remuneration)  engaged by the board of directors. The honorary director and advisor has the same terms of office as the director and supervisor.