Finance and Accounting

Article 34:

The financial sources of the association are as follows:

 1. Entrance fee: Each member shall submit NT$1,000 at one time

2. Annual membership fee: NT$1,000

3. Member donations.

4. Entrusted incomes.

5. Funds and the interest.

6. Other incomes.

Article 35:

 The accounting year of the association is according to calendar year starting from January 1 to December 31 of every year.

Article 36:

 The board of directors of the association will start composing financial balance budget statements two months before the start of the accounting year, then propose to the members' assembly for approval, and report to the competent authority for approval for reference. If the members' (member representatives) assembly is cancelled, it should be reported to the competent authority before being approved by the members' assembly, with the financial balance final statement sent to the board of supervisors to report to the members' (member representatives) assembly.

Article 37:

At the disbandment of the association, the leftover properties will belong to the local self-governing body or an organization appointed by the competent authority.